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State of California DMV Driving School Lic# E0201

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Educator Hero Discount!

Here at Beach City Driving Schools we believe that educators are an integral part of our community.
This is why it's important to us that we give back to our community by honoring and rewarding our Hero Educators.

Cruise with a 10% Educator Boost!  All school district heroes enjoy a 10% discount!

adult driving lessons

Why Beach City Driving Schools?

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured through the Department of Motor Vehicles.


  • All our instructors at Beach City Driving Schools are thoroughly background checked and fingerprinted through the Department of Justice as well as the DMV. We also make sure to take our time when selecting instructors. 


  • Every one of our instructors has a background in teaching and/or coaching and enjoys working with students of all ages and backgrounds. We have a staff of patient and friendly instructors that are ready and excited to teach you how to drive!


  • At Beach City Driving Schools we only use vehicles with top safety ratings. Safety is our priority. All our vehicles are equipped with a passenger master brake that allows the instructor to stop the vehicle if necessary. We treat each student as though they are members of our own family and we do everything that we can to ensure their safety behind the wheel.


Choose a program that fits you!

teen driving lessons

Hands-On Learning

online 30 hour driving permit course

Hybrid Learning



My Son and I were very pleased with this Driving School. Unlike the School we hired to teach our Daughter, Beach City Driving School didn’t surprise us with hidden fees and the instructor was fantastic.

-Alejandro T. 

Irvine, CA

Thank you Beach City Driving Schools! My Daughter did great on her behind the wheel exam and passed. Considering she was absolutely anti-driving due to nerves, her instructor made her feel comfortable, she enjoyed her driving sessions and now Loves to drive.

-Lucy W. 

Laguna Beach, CA

Patient, Honest and extremely Knowledgeable!. We highly recommend Beach City Driving Schools

-Rebecca V.

Newport Beach, CA 

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beach city driving schools driving lessons drivers education learners permit certified training


All of our Behind The Wheel programs include

FREE pick-up and Drop-off, NO Fuel surcharges, NO Insurance fees. 

if under 18 years of age includes

fReE Certificate of completion.

Available by phone


Areas We ServIce



Oceanside,   Carlsbad,     Vista,

      Mira Costa,   Ocean Hills,  

   Terra Mar,


30-Hour ONLINE
drivers education



Enroll in our 30-hour DMV-approved online course today! This mobile-friendly program allows you to sign in and out at your convenience, letting you go at your own pace and pick up right where you left off from any device. Plus, you'll receive a FREE certificate upon completion and have access to DMV practice tests included with multiple tries.

6-hour hands on
drivers training



Originally $399 Sale Ends 06.15.24!

Our most popular choice for all ages, especially ideal for newly permitted drivers. This course meets the DMV's requirement of a minimum of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training for students under 17 1/2, ensuring you fulfill all necessary regulations.

30 hour Online driver education
+ 6 hour hands on
drivers training



Enroll in our 100% online Driver's Ed course and receive a FREE Certificate of Completion needed for your permit test. Additionally, we offer 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driver training, with a FREE Certificate of Driver Training Completion mailed to you, meeting DMV requirements for obtaining your driver’s license.

10-hour hands on
driver training



Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their driving skills with additional freeway, parking lot, and night driving practice. Ideal for international students or those whose families are too busy to provide behind-the-wheel practice.

12-hour hands on
driver training



Our comprehensive package includes six lessons, each lasting 2 hours, for a total of 12 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Perfect for those looking to refine their driving skills, gain extra practice on freeways, in parking lots, and during night driving. Ideal for international students or anyone whose family members are too busy to help with practice.

12-Hour hands on 
driver training



Our comprehensive driving package includes 6 two-hour lessons designed to prepare you thoroughly for your DMV driving test. On the day of your test, we offer a complete service: we'll pick you up, provide a final prep session, take you to the DMV, and let you use our insured and licensed car for the test. After you complete your test, we'll ensure you get home safely. With our all-inclusive approach, you can focus on passing your test with confidence.

dmv package



Maximize your chances of success with our personalized test preparation service! Our instructor will pick you up 1-1/2 hours before your test, offering valuable driving practice and insider tips for passing the test on the way to the DMV. Rest assured, our instructor will assist with the check-in process and patiently wait while you complete your test in our fully equipped car, providing the vehicle, registration, insurance, and license for your convenience.

2-hour hands on
drivers training



Ideal for honing your driving skills before your behind-the-wheel test, our program offers tailored sessions to address specific areas such as freeways, parallel parking, reversing, and defensive driving techniques. Whether you need a brush-up or targeted preparation, we've got you covered!

1-Hour hands on 
drivers training



Just need an hour? No worries, we've got you covered! Enjoy our convenient service with FREE pick-up and drop-off from your preferred location. You'll receive one hour of behind-the-wheel driving practice tailored to your needs, whether it's test preparation, freeway driving, parking, reversing, or any other skill you want to focus on.

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Our Guarantee

Driving School Near Me Best Driving Schools Freeway Driving Practice

All of our Behind-The-Wheel Programs will include the following.
Patiently practice and discuss defensive driving techniques, and
reversing, road safety practices, highway driving, traffic rules and regulation,
road signage and driver's license test preparation.

DMV-Certified Driving Lessons for Teens

Our school is certified by the DMV, and our lessons are perfect for teens needing the required 6 hours of training with an instructor so you can qualify to take your test, and have the skills and confidence you need to pass it.

DMV-Certified Driving Lessons for Adults

We teach adult drivers how to become safer and more confident every day. Whether it's your first time driving in California or you need to practice for a Supplemental Driving Performance Evaluation, our expert instructors are here for you.

Two-Hour Lessons

A typical lesson is two hours long and is customized to your needs and skill level. The time starts from when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off. There is never another student in the car: your time is YOUR time.


Our Car, Our Insurance

We provide all the tools and materials needed for your lesson, so all you need to bring is a positive attitude toward learning a new skill.


California's Top Instructors

Our hiring standards and training program go beyond the industry standard. When you choose us, you are choosing the state's top driving educators.


Will You Pass Your Test?

Good drivers pass the test. So we focus on core skills first, ensuring you are set up to be safe and confident for life, while also preparing you for the DMV test.


How Many Lessons Do You Need?

Every driver is different, which is why every lesson is customized for you. All minors in California require 6 hours of professional instruction, which is three lessons.  Should you feel the need to take more lessons we will gladly work with you.


Dashcam In Every Car

We record video and audio inside and outside the car for everyone's safety


Marked Cars With A Second Brake

Every car has a second instructor brake, is clearly marked as a driving school vehicle and is inspected by a BAR-certified mechanic

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Road Safety Parallel Parking Learners Permit Defensive Driving Driver Lessons Mature Drivers Elderely Teen Drivers

Who we are

beach city driving schools driving lessons drivers education learners permit certified training

Meet Sergio and Sophie:
This dynamic duo is on a mission to instill safe driving habits in the next generation.

Sergio, with his extensive years behind the wheel brings a wealth of experience to the forefront. From navigating bustling city streets in Semi Trucks to mastering winding country roads on his Motorcycle, or while working as the Pepsi/Frito Lay team of drivers Safety ambassador he's seen it all. Sergio has also worked as a Driving instructor for other Schools and is fully licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, His expertise forms the backbone of their driving school.

Sophie, a compassionate Registered Nurse, complements Sergio's knowledge with her nurturing and safety-oriented approach. Her background in healthcare adds an extra layer of care and attention to detail, ensuring the well-being of every student. Safety is paramount, and Sophie embodies this in everything she does.

Their two sons, who've grown up witnessing their parents' dedication to safety and education, are an integral part of this venture. They provide a youthful perspective and an understanding of the
challenges young drivers face.

Together, this family is committed to creating a supportive and encouraging environment for all to
learn the skills they need to become responsible and confident drivers. With Sergio's driving know-how and Sophie's healthcare expertise, they're set to make a lasting impact on their community, one student at a time.

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