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1.) 100% online

  • Driver's Education Program

  • Self-paced online education required for 15 1/2 - 17 1/2 year olds, or anyone looking to increase their knowledge prior to the permit test.

2.) Hands on training

  • Behind the Wheel Training Lessons for Teens and Adults

  •  6 Hours Teens or Adults (3 Lessons)    

  • 10 Hours Teens or Adults (5 Lessons)

  • 20 Hours Teens or Adults (10 Lessons)

  • 56 Hour Special (28 Lessons) 

3.) HYBRID Learning

  • 6 Hour Behind the Wheel Training

  • Online Driver Education Course

  • Specially designed for permitted drivers.   


  • 1 Hour Lesson

  •  2 Hour lesson

  •  Stick Shift Driving Lesson. 2-Hour Session for licensed drivers considering a different driving adventure!

5.) Concierge DMV package

  • Our instructor will pick you up an hour prior to the test, you'll practice on the way to the DMV, then your instructor will escort you through the check-in process and will wait for you while you take the test in our car.

  •  We will provide the vehicle, Registration and Insurance

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